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Mutiara LED Table Lamp

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Mutiara LED Table Lamp

Mutiara LED Table Lamp is a simple and trendy design. With the center metal ring,the lamp is like the halo of the equator after turning on it. It is made of high-quality glass and iron materials.

The style of this lamp is simple and fashionable, combining glass craftsmanship and metal to bring smart light and shadow to the home space. The light is produced by the two light-emitting discs of the metal band. The upper disc illuminates the glass cover. The light and shadow on the glass remind people of the equator line, which is very magical and beautiful.

The lamp can be placed individually. It is an ideal choice for living room, bedroom, study room, office and so on. When the lamp is placed at the table, it emits a warm and comfortable light, which is another unique sight. As a functional lamp, it will add luster to your space and will definitely leave a deep impression on your guests and make the comfortable atmosphere for you.

  • Dimensions :  Φ24XH42.5cm 
  • Material (Finish) : Metal frame in Electroplating Pearl Black finish, glass lamps shade
  • Bulb : 220-240V LED / 6000k Cool White / 3000k Warm White / 2700 Yellow
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