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Flappe 3-Seater Sofa (Pre-order)

Original price RM5,199.00 - Original price RM15,999.00
Original price
RM5,199.00 - RM15,999.00
Current price RM5,199.00

Flappe 3-Seater Sofa

A Scandinavian sofa that has been dressed casually which combines the classic look with a relaxed Bohemian style and in this way serves as the perfect sofa for both.
Flappe is naturally a modular sofa like most other models in the large comfy sofa assortment.

Life can often be a matter of either-or. Also when choosing a sofa. Should you choose the classic Scandinavian look? Or should it be a fresh cushy ride with a Mediterranean temperament? Flappe makes the choice easy: you can now get both! Flappe has a foot in each camp making it the obvious uncompromising compromise. For you who will not settle, and for couples who want to meet both in the middle and on the sofa. 

  • Dimensions : W220xD100xH79xSH38cm
  • Material (Finish) : Solid wooden frame structure / medium density foam / Nyatoh wood single leg / fabric upholstery
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